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Regular pressure washing simply uses high pressured water to blast these types of contaminants away. Power washing utilizes the same method, however incorporates heated water (180°-220°). Although the heat helps break down these contaminants, the results are just as ineffective. It’s like pulling a weed, but leaving the root.

Curb Appeal Professionals’ revolutionary softwash method combines low pressure water with industry specific, contract grade biodegradable cleaning detergents to eliminate pollutants such as the ones listed above. With this method, the determined cleaning solution is applied and allowed to dwell for a specific amount of time. This allows the solution to penetrate the cracks and pores of your building’s siding and kill those ugly eyesores (and spores) at their source. The final step in this process is a light rinsing of the cleaned area that is no more powerful than that of a garden hose.

Left unattended, buildings eventually become consumed with biological elements (dirt, bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, etc.). Urban buildings collect pollution from car exhaust and other environmental factors. Not only do these pollutants make your building appear dirty, but they create an unhealthy environment, and ultimately lead to the corrosion and deterioration of its materials. Given the severe damage these elements can cause, it is vitally important to employ the proper cleaning method and frequency to avoid risking permanent damage and high repair or replacement costs.

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