concrete cleaning

Our technique is designed to remove stains, spills, grease & grime buildup, mold, and algae for better curb appeal!

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is porous by nature, and impossible to clean properly without adequate equipment. Garden hoses simply cannot get the job done, as they do not have the power and ability to penetrate and clean thoroughly. Curb Appeal Professionals’ inventory of commercial grade, high powered pressure washers deliver up to 4,000 psi of HOT water pressure and 8 gallons per minute of water volume to provide a deep, thorough clean. Oil, grease, tire marks, dirt, plant stains and grime are no match for the power of a pressure washer and proper detergents.

Concrete Cleaning Gallery

The addition of our biodegradable detergents not only ensure a deep clean and brightening of the concrete surface, but are also safe for sensitive landscaping.

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